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Akihiko - bloodied

My animals

Are going to need a place to stay for about 12 days.

I have 2 hams, they are easy to feed and water and will be cute at you. All i ask is that they not be fed fruit more than a couple times cause they are too small to process that much sugar. If you want hams for lovin say aye!

I also need a place for watson. He does not do well with a lot of cats. He also loves to sleep and meow at people. I am also willing to leave keys for someone to crash on my futon and let him sleep on you.

I will provide food and all other things they will need, and will love you forever ;;

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I could definitely take care of the hams, but not the kitty. So if your rodents need temporary lodgings there's room for them at my place ^_^
Ahh that'd be awesome. They are crazy low maintenance, I'm just gonna be gone a little too long to leave them on their own. How does the 8th to the 22nd sound? I'll pick them up/drop them off and all that good stuff
sounds great!
Teusday night still good? I work till 7 so I'd be by around 9 with them.
Tuesday is great - I'll leave you a PM Sunday with my address/directions
Unfortunately, I'm cat-sitting a lovable but territorial cat right now, so I can't take in watson.
I do appreciate the thought, though! I have a bit of time to find a place