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Sweden <3

 UPDATE: I am in Japan, despite Toronto's best efforts not to let me leave. 

I left the house at around 9, later than planned but it only takes an hour to get to the airport, right? No it took almost 2 because of a detour on Dufferin and a 192 Rocket driver who couldn't wait 3 seconds at the platform. Because I arrived at almost 11, I missed the baggage cutoff for my noon flight. Thankfully I had borrowed a duffel bag from sirius_dragon for the trip, i had it stashed in my luggage. So after a mild panic attack I repacked, checked my main luggage for 10 days and jumped on the plane. 

I got pretty lucky with seats tho, as my grandpa did seat selection when he bought the tickets, and the guy beside me slept the whole way. 

I will update later in the week with THINGS but for now I am pleased to be here with my girlfriend and alive. <3


omg congrats bb! be safe and have fun :D
thank you! ♥
Glad to hear you made it safe, enjoy your trip bro! ♥
thanks Gilbro! It's pretty awesome so far~
Hopefully that's the only bit of stress you'll suffer. Have an absolutely amazing time, and I hope you took a camera with you, I'd love to see some pics eventually.
Take care and have fun!
going back will be way easier for sure. I've got some pretty great pics of myself and Yazy and the area, will for sure be doing a picspam post next monday