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Pikachu - /flop

I have returned, alive and in one piece. Due to my royally boned sleep schedule (woke up at 1pm, wut wut) and having to go get my cat today, a proper photopost will come later this week. I am fully unpacked, a new record for me, but thats about...all I've gotten done.

For now I will say I miss Japan. Canada is cold and lonely and much dirtier, and cheap on-the-go but decent food is much more rare. I want to go back to marukyuu and that land where corn is served on everything and there's a vending machine on every corner. And I'll miss my ketchup/egg rice balls with cc lemon for breakfast.

All I have to say right now is that I am bushed. Gotta go in for 8am, tho i have no idea what time I am actually working. mai_sheri I will text you later this week about the hams! Good night LJ~


Glad you had fun (Though yeah, coming back to Canadian cold often sucks. DX)! I can't wait to see your photos. :D
I have so many pictures Dx

the cold didn't bother me too much, I was just so used to pristine streets in the city so when I got back here my first thought was 'ew' ;3;
Welcome back to Canadaland bro! o/
thanks gilbro! if you ever get downtown again I have things for youuu
Welcome back! I just came back, too, but from a less epic trip than yours. ^^
Yay~! Glad you came home safe. I was entertained by your tweets while you were in the land of Japan~.

on a side note I love your hair *3*
Thanks! I missed the internet while I was gone ;3;

and again thanks~ it's a bit long, but I'm glad you like it
Urgh catching up to all the messages D;

I really love the color *3* It's looks really natural. Uber jealous because my hair can never have a nice auburn red without being too brown or fake red :/
Thumbs up indeed. Underwear in Japan is amazing.
I don't know how else to contact you but I thought this would be relevant to your interests.