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Yosuke - music <3

Half of my Japan pics are corrupted. So my photopost must wait till marukyuu can re-upload them for me. In the meantime, have some picspam of my cat~

he sleeps in a lot of very odd positions...

...uses just about anything as a pillow...

...loves to scratch the hell out of any cardboard he can find...

...loves to be close to the hams, but never actually tries to get at them...

...joins me on the futon for a session of power gaming...

...gets bored and goes to find a new pillow...

wakes up long enough to give me the 'silly hooman' look

and goes off to pass out on my jacket

sorry for the blurry shot, he decided to start grooming when i took the picture

decided the apartment was too cold so he pulled some jeans off the futon

this one was all me, but he didnt seem to mind

out like a light in no time


And he's finally had enough of my phone in his face, for the time being...

Sorry for the delays....jetlag hit like an 18 wheeler and I came down with a helluva cold tuesday afternoon. I spent my time cleaning instead of sleeping like normal humans. I am finally sleeping at night, with the help of many sinus meds, and should have my Japan post up by this weekend.


awww, Watson is so cute. ;w;

btw, this is heyitsadora from Twitter. I hope you don't mind if I add you on LJ as well? :D
I don't mind, but I post here much less than I should so it might not be very interesting ;w;

and thanks, I've had him for a couple months and every time he falls asleep I still get all 'bawww kitty' on him