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Dr Horrible - thinking

I know I've been all but dead lately here, but trip prep and moving prep and work and marukyuu have been occupying lots of time.

As I am officially moving July first, I think I am going to get rid of a few things. I'll offer them up here for free before I try elsewhere, who knows who could get use of them. If you are interested I will take pics for you, and then all you gotta do is come get it.
  • First up, my desk. It's great, but small. So small that I use it more as storage for art supplies than anything else.
  • Second, an all in one printer. A Lexmark x2650. The ink has long since dried up, but it still works as a great scanner, you just need a cable.
  • Third, my microwave. It's too big for me, it's a 1.8 cubic foot monster. It still works great though, so I'm loathe to just toss it.
  • Lastly, my bedframe. http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/70161834 I've had it for about 6 months, you'll need ceilings at least 6-7 feet up but if you have the means to come get it you can have it free. I have the twin version, and the only reason I'm ditching it is because the place I'm set on getting has low ceilings.
With that, I am back to clearing out my wall unit so I can throw that out too. It's finally dying ;3;


Awww, I would totally take your bedframe if I had the same size mattress. My bedframe won't survive another put-together.

Good luck with your moving!